Horse SA Webinar Pasture Species with MB Equine Services

September 18, 2014


As horse owners, and even on the smallest of properties, we sometimes forget that we are grass and forage farmers for our horses. Whether you manage grazing pastures or agist your horses, it helps to know more about grasses and legumes. The different types, how they develop and grow, the effect of grazing pressure, what leaf area should remain after grazing and their recovery, all affect past management and the health of your horses. Learning about grasses may seem a bit daunting and possibly boring unless you already have an interest in botanical matters. Nevertheless, when you manage horses on pastures you technically become a grass farmer, so getting to know the plants that grow in your paddocks can empower you to manage your grazing system better. After all, the better your pastures, the healthier your horses will be. Even if you agist and don’t directly have much to do with grazing and pasture management, get involved and get to know what’s best for your horses!


The seminar will discuss:

- Grass family

- Grass structure

- What are C3 and C4 grasses

- Metabolism and accumulation of carbohydrates

- Temperate species

- Tropical species

- Native Australian grasses

- Pasture planning notes

 This webinar is sponsored by the NRM Adelaide & Mount Lofty Ranges

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